1.6-3mm Electric Welded Wire Mesh Making Machine

1.6-3mm Electric Welded Wire Mesh Machine feeds both lines and crosses wire from coils automatically. The automatic mesh welding machine pulls mesh with a rubber pole and servo motor. Crosswire feeding is controlled by a servo motor precisely. The finished mesh can be rolled automatically. PLC and HMI control the whole welded wire mesh machine line, with low manpower.

  Specification of electric welded mesh machine:  

  Model   DP-DNW-4
  Wire diameter   1.6-3mm
  Mesh hole size   When the wire is 1.6-2.5mm, Min. The longitude size is 25mm, Min. The weft size is 25mm.

When wire 2.5-3mm, Min. The longitude size is 30mm, Min. Weft size is 25mm and can be 50*50mm, and 100*100mm.

Within the above wire diameter range, mesh size can be adjustable freely.

  Mesh width   Max.2.5m
  Welding electrodes   101pcs
  Welding speed   Max. 80-120 rows/min
  Welding Transformer   70kva*7
  Measurement   3.5T

  Machine video:  


The automatic welded wire mesh machine produces the welded mesh, widely used screens, breeding nets, fence nets, garden nets, construction nets, storage nets, etc., and can also produce screen baskets, sieve plates, curved screens for mines, and filter screens and filter tubes for chemical, petroleum, and sewage treatment plants, etc.


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