3-8mm Automatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine

The mesh welding line for concrete reinforcing mesh has good performance for the production of mesh panels or mesh rolls. 3-8mm automatic mesh welding machine works automatically with line wire from coils and cross wire from pre-cut wires. Pneumatic automatic mesh welding machine adopts line wire accumulator for continuous production, low manpower. The mesh welding machine line can make the welded mesh, cut off mesh sheets, and convey mesh out automatically with high automation.

  Two types of 3-8mm wire mesh welding machine:  

One: The longitudinal wire coil is fed into the wire, and the horizontal wire is pre-straightened and cut.

  • Line Wire Payoffs
  • Straightening Banks
  • Accumulation(Optional modules)
  • Line Wire Feeder
  • Welding Portal
  • Crosswire Feed
  • Mesh Extraction / Linear Pullout
  • Mesh Shear
  • Stacking & Turning Mesh
  • Transport(Optional modules)

Two: The longitudinal wire and horizontal wire are pre-straightened and cut.

  • Line Wire Feeder
  • Welding Portal
  • Crosswire Feed
  • Mesh Extraction / Linear Pullout
  • Mesh Shear
  • Stacking & Turning Mesh
  • Transport (Optional modules)

Like all European brand welding machines, Jiake mesh welding machines adopt a modular design, so customers can add other modules such as stackers and grid transportation systems according to their own budgets to increase output and reduce labor costs. Typically, 2 operators can run the entire production line, producing grids more efficiently and accurately. All machines come with a 1-year guarantee with spares available worldwide.


  Specification of reinforcing mesh welding machine:  

  Model   DP-FP-2500AA
  Wire diameter   3-8mm
  Hole size   100X100–300X300mm
  Mesh width/height   Max.2500mm
  Mesh length   Max.50m
  Welding electrodes   24pcs
  Welding speed   80-100 times/min
  Welding transformers   150kva*6pcs
  Longitude wire feeding   Auto coil feeding
  Crosswire feeding   pre-straighten& pre-cut
  Motor   7.5Kw
  Factory transformer   Min 200-315KVA
  Overall Size   45X5.5X3.3m
  Weight   24T
  Raw material   Low carbon wire, black wire, galvanized wire.
Finished welded panel for 6-8mm.
Finished welded roll mesh for 3-6mm wire.

  Machine Video:  

  Finished Product:  

3-8mm mesh welding machine is used to make steel rebar mesh, road mesh, building construction mesh, etc. The concrete reinforcing mesh machine is suitable for the economical production of light and heavy mesh panels.



Q: Are you a factory?
A: Yes. Our factory has been engaged in machine manufacture since 1999.

Q: Why choose our machine?
A: European Technology with Chinese Price. Cooperated with European engineers and improved the latest Pneumatic technology.

Q: What electrical system do your machines adopt?
Our electrical systems from international brands, Scheider, ABB, Siemens, Panasonic, Delta, etc.

Q: Which country did you sell your machines to?
A: Till now, our machine has sold to more than 150 countries and regions including Russia, Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Algeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Uganda, UAE, Iran, KZ, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru.

Q: Can your company send your engineers to my country for machine installation and worker training?
A: Yes, our engineers have been to more than 150 countries before. They are very experienced.

Q: What’s the guaranteed time for your machines?
A: For main parts and electrical parts from internationally famous brands, the guarantee period is 2 years from the B/L date.

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