358 Anti-climb Fence Mesh Welding Machine

RKM factory is specialized in designing and manufacturing anti-climb fence machines, providing customers with machines for high-speed, efficient and high-precision mesh production. This type of machine is fully automatic, and the thread and cross-strands are fed directly from the spool through the pay-off device. Any type is available, from simple to fully automatic stacking! The entire operation is automatic and easy to program!

 Basic Operation Description:  

1. The line wire and crosswire are pre-straightened and cut by a straightening and cutting machine.
2. Put a part of the raw material that is straightened and cut into a certain length into the horizontal line blanking system. The vertical line is manually inserted into the diameter feeding car by the worker and sent to the welding system.
3. The blanking system uses an SMC cylinder to control horizontal blanking, and the cylinder controls the welding head for welding.
4. When the first welding is carried out, the diameter feeding car returns and the worker can continue to thread the wire, saving time and improving the production efficiency of the machine.
5. The mesh pulling system pulls the net and automatically falls into the mesh.
6. If you are making 3D guardrail mesh, you need to place the mesh in the bending machine. When doing V-shaped pressing, a special advancing bracket will position the mesh throughout the process.

  Parameter of 358 fence mesh machine:  

  Model   DP-FP-3200A
  Wire diameter   2.5-6mm
  Longitude wire space   76.2-300mm
  Crosswire space   Min.12.7mm
  Mesh width/height   Max.3.2m
  Mesh length   Max.6m
  Welding speed   Maximum 120 times/minute
  Welding electrodes   44pcs
  Welding transformers   150kva*11pcs,
  Wire feeding way   Pre-straightened&pre-cut
  Overall Size   12*3.7*2.3m
  Weight   5300kg

 Machine features:  

  • The anti-climb fence machine has European European-designed air cylinder for max.120strokes capacity.
  • 358 fence machine is controlled by HMI and servo motor precisely.
  • The wire fence machine is designed with a single welding circuit and water-cooling technology for minimized heat deformation.
  • Line wires and cross wires are fed from pre-cut wires for flat mesh panels.

  Video of clearvu fence machine:  

  Finished Product:  

Anti-climb mesh purposes: mainly used in industrial, agricultural, prison, municipal, transportation, and other industries for fences, decoration, protection, and other facilities.


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