Expanded Metal Mesh Making Machine

The Expanded metal mesh-making machine with different molds can make different mesh products. Mesh Making Machines for metal production with HMI control can work automatically, with low manpower. Extended metal mesh machines can feed different materials, aluminum, black iron, galvanized iron, and stainless steel sheet/coil.

  Specification of expanded metal mesh machine:  

  Model   DP25-16   DP25-25   DP25-40   DP25-100   DP25-160
  Material Thickness(mm)   0.1-1   0.1-1.5   0.1-2.5   0.5-5   0.5-8
  Material Max.width(mm)   1000   1250   1500   2000/2500   2000/2500/3200
  Speed (times/min)   220   200   110   60   50
  Feed distance(mm)   0-2.2   0-3   0-6   0-10   0-10
  Mesh opening size LWD(mm)   ≤25   ≤30   ≤80   ≤180   ≤200
  Motor(KW)   5.5   5.5   11   18.5/22   30
  Weight(T)   2.2   3   7   13/15   18/20/26
  Size(mm)   1.1*1.7*2   1.5*2.1*2   1.8*3.2*2.1   3.4*3.6*2.65   3.5*3.7*2.65

  Expanded mesh machine Video:  

  Machine Features:  


1. The raw materials that can be punched are aluminum coils/plates, galvanized coils/plates, stainless steel coils/plates, and other low-carbon metals.
2. The raw materials of DP25-6.3T, DP25-16T, DP25-25T, and DP25-40T must be in roll form, while the raw materials of DP25-63T, DP25-100T, DP25-160T, and DP25-260T must be metal sheets.
3. This series of expanded steel mesh machines adopt Siemens touch screen, PLC control, Schneider air switch, and other foreign electronic brand components, which have a long service life and are not easily damaged.
4. The punching die is made of alloy, which is strong and durable and not easy to wear.
5. The body is made of cast steel, which is heavy and stable in punching.
6. The center of the fuselage adopts a lubrication system to reduce wear and facilitate maintenance.

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The finished expanded metal mesh is mainly used in building wall decoration, road safety mesh, stairs steps, isolation mesh, air ventilation mesh, oil filtering mesh, hardware protection, micro-battery, filter, sound barrier, storage blue, office supplies, light industry, electrical appliances, etc. In other fields, its use is very extensive.


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