Hexagonal Wire Mesh Machine

The automatic hexagonal wire mesh machine, also named chicken mesh machine, is the special equipment to produce the hexagonal wire netting mesh. The hexagonal mesh machine is controlled by HMI and PLC. The machine has features of reasonable design, simple structure, stable operation, good performance, and convenient repair.

Straight and reverse hexagonal wire mesh netting machine Advantages:

1. The machine used a PLC+touch screen, and Schneider electric components, and easy to operation.

2. The alarm system reminds the operator to stop the machine when the wire is broken or the mesh is finished. Different colors control different parts.

3. The host is equipped with sensor lights. When the controlled wire is broken, the sensor light goes out and the machine automatically pauses, which can quickly find the broken wire and save time.

4. The machine can weave 2-4 mesh rolls at the same time, Weaving speed max up to 180 m/h.

  Hexagonal mesh netting machine specification:  

  Raw material   Galvanized wire, PVC-coated wire
  Wire diameter   Normally 0.45-2.2mm
  Mesh size  1/2″(15mm); 1″(25mm or 28mm); 2″(50mm); 3″(75mm or 80mm)
  Mesh width  Normally 2600mm,3000mm,3300mm,4000mm, and 4300mm
  Working speed   For 1/2’’ mesh size, it is about 60-65M/h, for 1’’ mesh size, it is about 95-100M/h;

For 2’’ mesh size, it is about 150-160M/h, for 3’’ mesh size, it is about 180M/h

  Motor capacity   2.3kw+2.3kw+2.3kw+5.7kw+0.75kw
  Number of twist   6
  Note   1. One set machine can only do one mesh opening.

2. We accept special orders from any clients.

  Machine Youtube:  

  Machine Features:  


1. Spool winding machine: Quickly winds a coil onto a spool.
2. Spool rack: Holds multiple spools to feed the braider.
3. Wire tension device: Arranges the coil wound from the spool to prevent entanglement.
4. Alarm system: Alarm device to remind the worker to stop the machine when the wire is finished or broken. Different colors control different parts.
5. PLC + Touch screen: easy operation.
6. Weaving machine: The coil is woven into a mesh through the twisting wheel
7. Automatic roll mesh system: Automatic roll mesh, can be started and stopped quickly.


The hexagonal wire netting is mainly used as a building material, it can be used in resevior for closure, and also serves as highway guard rail netting, railway guard rail netting , greeguard rail netting, side hill mesh case, flood fighting mesh case, dike dam guard rail netting, zoo guard rail netting, mine tunnel supporting mesh, grass land mesh, etc.


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