Fully automatic chain link fence making machine

  Description of chain link fence machine:  

The fully automatic chain link fence making machine for chain link fence production is driven by servo motor rotation precisely and is welded of high-quality steel and channel steel with PLC control, only needing one worker operation. Due to the high hardness of the knife die, the stability and beauty of the net are ensured, the cutting precision is high, and the operation is convenient. It can produce both standards and compacted rolls by the adjustment in the coiling speed. 25-80 Double wire chain link fence machine is for high production demand. 20-100 single wire chain link fence machines for small investment beginning.

Advanced technologies:

1. The straightening wheel adopts high-speed steel; so, they are hard and durable.
2. A single mold can feed two-wire, capacity speed is max. 180 ㎡/hour.
3. Mold is made of hardened CR12# alloy steel, service life is at least one year.
4. An automatic mesh roller can fold the mesh automatically, the mesh could roll automatically.
5. Additional alarm + emergency button to operate the machine more conveniently.
6. Two sets of mesh border devices to produce three kinds of mesh borders.


  Specification of diamond mesh machine:  

  Model   DP-20-100   DP-25-80
  Wire diameter   1.6-4mm   2-4mm
  Mesh size   20-100mm   25-100mm
  Mesh width   < 0.5-4m   0.5-4m
  Speed   70-80m²/h   120-180m²/h
  Mesh length   30m, adjustable freely as requested
  Mesh side   Knuckled and twisted, or knuckle, or twisted
  Raw material   Galvanized wire, PVC-coated wire, etc.
  Machine size   4.2*2.2*1.7m   6.7*1.43*1.8m
  Weight   2000kg   4200kg



How does the chain link fence weaving machine work?

The two iron wires enter the wire feeding device respectively and are straightened. The two iron wires are wound together in a diamond shape through the die. One of the iron wires will be wound to the diamond mesh in the previous row with the rotation of the die until the ends of the iron wires are aligned. After cutting, the edge locking device twists the edge at the end to prevent the wire from falling off, so as to weave into a chain-link fence.

  Youtube video of chain link machine:  

  Compacting Machine:  

The machine is used to tighten the chain link fence, which is convenient for transportation and occupies a small area.


  Finished product:  

Application: Chain link fences are mainly used as isolation screens and protection systems for expressways and railways, protective fences for rivers, playgrounds and gardens, mines, fences for security for residential buildings, commercial sites, etc.


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